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Request for Proposals: Session Formats

The 2022 National Bike Summit will be a hybrid event, with all breakout sessions, panels, and keynotes happening online, while select mobile workshops and other non-virtual formats will take place in-person. In-person Summit attendees will have the opportunity to attend all virtual sessions either in real time or by viewing recordings afterwards. 

In-person format programming will not be broadcast virtually and will only be available to in-person registrants who attend the National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C.  Roughly 200 people will be able to attend in person, with most attendees participating virtually.

The theme is “Choosing our Future.”

Virtual Formats

All virtual Breakout Sessions and Plenaries will be on Zoom and hosted through the Summit online platform, Whova. 

Through the RFP form, you may propose: 

Virtual Full Panel/Breakout Session (45 minutes // 1-5 speakers maximum)
If you have a fully-cooked (or mostly cooked) idea for a complete panel or breakout session, select this option to share more details about the full agenda/structure of your session, as well as invited and confirmed speakers and moderators. 

Virtual Presentation (10-20 Minutes // 1 speaker)  
If you have a topic you want to present individually, select this option to propose a 10-20 minute solo presentation. If selected, you will be placed with other presenters to form a complete 45-minute panel or breakout session.

Other Virtual Format (timing and number of speakers flexible)
If you'd like to suggest a different type of virtual session for our online attendees beyond a standard presentation or 45-minute breakout session, we welcome your creative ideas! Want to help organize a virtual class, group ride, or happy hour? Submit it through the "Other Virtual Format" category. 


In-Person Formats

The in-person 2022 Summit is taking place at:

Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital
921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE   (Google Maps Link >>)
Washington, DC 20003

On-Site Workshop (2 hours // 1-3 Presenters/Facilitators suggested, up to 5 maximum)
An On-Site Workshop should consist of hands-on, interactive opportunities for in-person participants. Workshops may include up to 5 presenters or facilitators, and will last approximately 2 hours.

If proposing an On-Site Workshop, you will be asked to provide an outline of the presentation(s) and activities included, as well as information about any additional workshop presenters or facilitators (confirmed or invited).

Mobile Workshop (2 hours)
A Mobile Workshop should bring in-person participants to or through an off-site route or destination, and will last approximately 2 hours. Mobile Workshops can travel by walking, biking, transit, micro-mobility, or other modes. 

If proposing a Mobile Workshop, you will be asked to provide an outline of the workshop and the route and travel mode participants will experience. 

Other In-Person Format
Have you been waiting two years to see all your bike advocacy friends in person? This is your opportunity to bring your ideas for a non-standard in-person Summit session. Happy hour? Group ride? Zwift meet-up? Dinner plans? Let us know what you’d like to organize for in-person attendees.


Interested in exhibiting at the 2022 National Bike Summit? Contact Kevin Dekkinga to learn about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities.


See the full 2022 Request for Proposals here.


The 2022 National Bike Summit will take place online & in Washington DC, March 27-30, 2022.

Please contact summit@bikeleague.org with any questions.